The grand societal challenges of our time spark transformative changes that deeply affect the way we think, organise and behave. As an integral part of DRIFT, the Transition Academy provides a deeper understanding of these processes through education. It is our mission to increase the potential of change makers, civil society and organisations to contribute to a more just, sustainable and resilient world.


We offer open courses to (a mix of) students, professionals, entrepreneurs and senior citizens on the theory and practice of sustainability transitions. Our tailor made offer includes in-company trainings and courses for (local) governments and organisations, thesis supervision for master and PhD students and research internships.


Thematically, the focus of the Transition Academy is on understanding how sustainability transitions come about and how they are and can be influenced. Our curriculum also reflects the particular expertise of DRIFT with regard to transition management, social innovation and transformative knowledge.


The Transition Academy brings together experts in transitions with a rich and diverse set of knowledge and skills. We offer a platform to strike-up new, content-driven partnerships aimed at offering top quality education and training in the field of sustainability and transitions. The Transition Academy is in a great position to foster synergies between education, research and practice. Many of our lecturers and trainers, whether working at DRIFT or elsewhere, are simultaneously active as researchers, advisers and/or practitioners.


Overview of Courses

Learning Approach

Tailor made offer