MINT: Societal Impact of New Technologies

To understand the influence of technology on society in Zuid-Holland, DRIFT is conducting the research project MINT (Societal Impact of New Technological Developments / Maatschappelijke Invloed van Nieuwe technologie├źn) for the Province of Zuid-Holland.
The MINT project aims to collect knowledge and insights related to the context of the province Zuid-Holland. The project focuses on developments in two strands of technologies: production and information technologies, and communication technologies. Using participative techniques with a variety of groups from different networks, utopian and dystopian scenarios will be developed in order to sketch a number of possible pathways forward. The final results provide input for the Province to facilitate governance decisions on subjects suitable for further investigation, and inform future provincial (spatial) policy measures.
Do you want to know more about the societal impact of new technologies? Watch this video on the project or visit the website for the latest events and publications.


Duration of the project

The MINT project will run from April until December 2016


Client(s)/ Commissioning party

The Dutch Province of Zuid-Holland


Roel van Raak, Charlie Spork, Marleen Lodder, Marieke Verhagen