Masterclass (EN) Societal Transitions

On a regular basis DRIFT’s Transition Academy and entrepreneurial network Impact Hub Amsterdam offer the masterclass Societal Transitions, a 5-day intensive course that releases the potential of social innovation and invigorates participants to lead change in their professional and personal environment.


The masterclass combines a critical perspective on societal change with pragmatic tools and insights from transition management and entrepreneurial practice. It does so by tapping into the latest research and practice on social innovation and sustainability transitions, drawing from the combined expertise of the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT), Transition Academy and the Impact Hub network.


By combining state-of-the-art research with deep critical reflection and applied action learning, the course strikes a balances between intellectual challenge and practical wisdom. In five days, participants learn to apply system thinking, to analyze transition dynamics in your own field, to identify actors, trends and power relations and to design a transition intervention.


The masterclass is designed for a diverse combination of professionals, researchers, government officials and other change makers. You represent a variety of contexts but share a strong commitment to being in a learning trajectory that combines intellectual input with active participation.


Interested in participating in the Masterclass Societal Transitions? Leave us your email address and we’ll keep you posted on the 2017 edition.